SIAC LDV Maxus Van Shelving

SAIC Maxus Van Shelving

Saic Maxus Van Shelving / Racking for the Saic Maxus eDeliver 3, Saic Maxus Deliver 9

Edeliver 3

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After acquiring LDV in 2010, SAIC manufactured these LCVs under the MAXUS moniker for the home market in China and select left-hand drive markets in Europe such as Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands. Then in April 2020, LDV rebranded as MAXUS across right-hand drive Europe, consolidating the brand’s presence across Europe, China and beyond. The Maxus brand continues to represent outstanding performance, high efficiency and superb reliability across its range of vehicles. SAIC, the name behind LDV, is the largest automotive company in China. Based in Shanghai, SAIC produces almost seven million vehicles each year for both domestic and international markets and is a Fortune Global 500 listed company with almost 100,000 employees. The company has a number of well-known brands within its portfolio including, since 2010, the acclaimed LDV range of LCV’s. By 2020, SAIC will have invested more than €2bn in LDV, with a strong focus on safety, innovation and the introduction of new products to the range, including a suite of EVs that are already setting the standard for the future of eco-fuelled commercial motoring.