Euro container Rack – Twin

Euro container Rack – Twin


Designed to store the standardised Euro Container size 400mm x 300mm, we recommend the 400 x 300 x 220mm although other heights can be used as the shelves are adjustable via the 50mm indexed fixing holes in the side support  panels.

SKU: Euro 2


The Euro Containers are not included but can be sourced very competitively priced at any Screwfix and Toolstation depots, here are product  links to assist.

This unit is available for most vehicles listed on our website, however , please note that this product is sold as an accessory i.e. not bespoke to fit any space in any van. We do endeavour to make the product as accurately as possible but this is reliant on receiving the correct information from the customer. Please satisfy yourself before purchasing the product that you have checked the following:

  • Length of racking (will this fit in the intended space).
  • Look at the profiles shown on the model (could this collide with parts of the van e.g. wheel arch boxing).
  • If in doubt, please ask prior to purchasing.

Depending on the height option selected, the unit will be supplied with either 4 or 5 shelves, these are  fitted with four Pin Stops to prevent vertical and lateral movement during travel, these are height adjustable in 50mm increments.

Material Choices - Choose from the drop down menu the following material construction:
Manufactured using quality 12mm hardwood Plywood, giving strength and also keeping weight to a minimum.
12mm Hexaboard plywood, giving a highly attractive as well as resilient finish. External faces are Phenolic Hexagonal Pattern the other side Smooth Phenolic, 120gm
Both options are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joints in the front, back, base and sides making the units extremely durable and strong.
Shelf Heights are adjustable in 50mm increments.

Size of the unit: (W)875mm x (H) 1350mm / 1450mm x (D)400mm.

  • Please note that we will endeavour to provide the profiles to best suit the fitting location.
  • Due to the vast array of permutations in vehicle profiles in  rare cases, adjustments to the shelf mounting holes may need to be done by the installer, a power drill would be needed with bits for this operation.

Please not that in some cases, depending on the fixing location there may be some trimming of the side panels required to fit around wheel arches etc by the installer.

Storage boxes shown are for illustration and are not included

For more information / enquiries, please Contact Vanrack

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