VW Caddy Maxi Side Load Door

VW Caddy Maxi Side Load Door



Size of the units

Sliding door Shelving: (W)650mm x (H)1120mm x (D)300mm.

Rear Shelving: (W)1000mm x (H)1120mm x (D)300mm.

Fits to: Driver Side

SKU: Maxi_650SLD_1000.

The assembly consists 2Nr modules to form an installed length of 1800mm in the van. The front rack aside the driver bulkhead faces outward to enable access from outside the vehicle.

Material Choices - Choose from the drop down menu the following material construction:

    • Manufactured using quality 12mm hardwood Plywood, giving strength and also keeping weight to a minimum.
    • 12mm Hexaboard plywood, giving a highly attractive as well as resilient finish. External faces are Phenolic Hexagonal Pattern the other side Smooth Phenolic, 120gm

Both options are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joints in the front, back, base and sides making the units extremely durable and strong.Shelf Heights are adjustable in 50mm increments

The shelving units are supplied fully assembled that then simply need bolting between side panels. A full fixing kit is provided along with fitting instructions.

      • Shelf Heights are adjustable in 50mm increments
      • The shelving units are supplied with 6mm plywood dividers that slide into machined grooves. These can be added or removed to change the number of compartments required.

Notes: Some trimming of end panels may be required due to differences in plylining kits.
Please note that extra shelving rows can be requested for an additional cost.

For more information / enquiries, please Contact Vanrack

Material Choice

Standard Plywood, Hexaboard Black